Live Stream Video Coaching – Parents

There is no connection whatever between the problem and the solution.

Steve de Skazer

I would have to agree with Dr. de Skazer’s statement, developer and pioneer of Solution Focused Brief Therapy/Coaching. And what you are going to notice from day one in your live-stream video sessions with me is a positive future leaning, goal-driven focus.

As a parent, the benefit to you in using Live-Streaming Video is that you have “wherever and whenever visual access” to me. You schedule the available time that best fits your busy life style right from your smart mobile device, or any computer.

Need to reschedule at the last minute? Not a problem. Simply change your scheduled session time up to 15-minutes prior to the start, and then reschedule. Never a penalty, additional fees, or shame.

And since I follow the principles of Solution-Focused Brief Coaching, you might not need the full time scheduled for our session. Any remaining time (minutes) accumulates in your account and is carried-over to future scheduling times. Your remaining paid time is noted in the email summary sent to you within 24-hours after our session together. So you are kept aware of your remaining time.

You cannot teach anybody anything. You can only help them to discover it in themselves.

Galileo Galilei

How a Live-Streaming Video Session Works:

  • You can schedule and purchase as many Live-Streaming Video Sessions as you like (Always a discount for more sessions);
  • Pick the date and time you’d be available;
  • Complete the brief Live-Streaming Video Questionnaire that you will receive in your email inbox after you complete the purchase (first-time clients only);
  • You will receive a call from me, using Apple Facetime or Skype, at the confirmed date and time;
  • Within 24-hours after our conversation, you will receive an email summary of our conversation to include your next steps.

I believe that the Solution-Focused Model is the best method for parents and their teenagers alike to create positive steps forward in their lives.

Here’s what you can expect (guaranteed) with each and every Live-Streaming Video Session:

  1. Agree to a goal and the topic of each session;
  2. Have a clear sense of a possible future;
  3. Connect current positive situations and behaviors with a future goal;
  4. Recognize signs that you are proceeding forward towards your goal;
  5. Validation that you are moving forward, agreement to “the next step”, if any, and an assignment to complete towards the “next step”.

After each and every session I ask you a simple question, “Was this session worth your time?”

If the answer is ever no, you will never be charged – period.

Jim Fullerton
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