Email Coaching – Parents

Think of Level Up Coaching as the picture frame that houses your relationship with your teen.

Now start painting.


Even as an educator in public education and college I attempted to adhere to the tenet that people already possess everything it is they need to be smart, happy, and successful in life. My job is not to tell, but to assist in your self-discovery of all your vast abilities untapped yet.

Not sometime in the future, but now – right now!

As a parent, your benefit in using Email Coaching is that you have “wherever and whenever direct access” to me through my private, for-your-eyes-only email address.

You can be as anonymous as you’d like, or as personal in tour email response – you decide.

No scheduling of your time is needed because you can reflect as long as you’d like on your questions, reading my responses, and then your follow-up responses, with few restricts.

And don’t worry about how much you should write, or how little, or grammatical correctness. Our conversations are always informal. Once you purchase one or more email package services I’ll send to you my guidelines on asking questions and responding. Email communications aren’t for everyone. Much can be lost in translation. Yet, if you believe that this medium would work as a tool for you to re-connect with your teen DO IT!

There is no connection between problems you and your teen are experiencing and a renewed relationship.

How an Email Question Session Works:

  • You can schedule and purchase as many Live-Streaming Video Sessions as you like (Always a discount for more sessions);
  • Pick the date and time you’d be available;
  • Complete the brief Live-Streaming Video Questionnaire that you will receive in your email inbox after you complete the purchase (first-time clients only);
  • You will receive a call from me, using Apple Facetime or Skype, at the confirmed date and time;
  • Within 24-hours after our conversation, you will receive an email summary of our conversation to include your next steps.

I believe that the Solution-Focused Model is the best method for parents and their teenagers alike to create positive steps forward in their lives.

Here’s what you can expect (guaranteed) with each and every Email Coaching Session:

  1. Agree to a goal and the topic of each session;
  2. Have a clear sense of a possible future;
  3. Connect current positive situations and behaviors with a future goal;
  4. Recognize signs that you are proceeding forward towards your goal;
  5. Validation that you are moving forward, agreement to “the next step”, if any, and an assignment to complete towards the “next step”.

After each and every session I ask you a simple question, “Was this session worth your time?”

If the answer is ever no, you will never be charged – period.

Jim Fullerton
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