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Sexist Games Sexist Gamers

Sexist Games Sexist Gamers Is there a relationship between sexist games sexist gamers? The news media enjoys frightening the bejebbers out of parents - it sells commercials. And for parents to find out the facts takes time - a scarce resource now a days. Video gaming is always a topic of choice for the media.…
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The Video Gamer’s Guide to Time Management

Source: The video gamer's guide to time management A revealing article for parents of gamers to read. You will get a slice of reality as to the amount of time your teen puts into successfully playing these types of online games, like World of Warcraft.   Photo credit: Magalie A. via
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Failures of Test Prep Programs

Failures of Test Prep Programs Grown into an obligatory must-do for prospective students entering college The Dilemma - Failures of Test Prep Programs Parents and students want to invest in the best preparatory programs available. Much is at stake with the average costs tipping over $2000 for parents and students. Though the reality is the Scholastic Assessment Test…
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